Afterglow Theatre’s first project was Human Nature written by Aaron Rothermund. The story began in a Queen Street walk-in clinic while waiting to get blood work the playwright witnessed the isolation of the people in the waiting room pre-occupied with illness. In Human Nature the characters are trapped together and socialize as a form of defense. The play was first produced at Humber Theatre in The New Play Festival directed by Maja Ardal. After further development Afterglow Theatre produced the play for Patio Plays Festival at In House Theatre in August 2009.


David Anderson (ACTOR)

Founder and Artistic Director of Clay & Paper Theatre, David is a pioneer of public space performance in Canada. Over the last 40 years he has performed and directed plays across Canada, in the US, Russia and Europe. He has written or co-written over 15 plays and directed more than 35. A versatile musician, he performs and composes for theatre, sings with the Georgian choir Darbazi, and plays a variety of instruments from the marimba to the accordion. In 2007 David was recognized with the prestigious Chalmers Arts Fellowship. In 2008 he was a finalist for the William Kilbourn Award for the Celebration of Toronto’s Cultural Life, and in June he received the Davenport Community Builder’s Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the community.

Caitlin Morris-Cornfield (ACTOR)

Caitlin is a young creator/performer who completed her training at Humber College’s Theatre Performance program in 2006. She is a founding member of both the Kadozuke Kollektif and the Curious Carnivore Collective. Caitlin is thrilled to be back in the In House Theatre, where she preformed the new collective creation The Best Recipe for PB&J last year. Other selected acting credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Upper Canadian Repertory Company), The Land of I Told You So (Fringe 07), Dog Days and The Man in the Moon (Shrimp Magnet), This Bloody Business (Supermarket Productions/Fringe 06), The Nightwood (Luminato 09), Gaudrath, and Curse’s Child (Back Burner), The Threepenny Opera (Humber Theatre), and The Gulliver Project (Summerworks 07), The Sandman, and Figaro, His Marriage and the Fine Art of Dressmaking (Kadozuke Kollektif – creator/performer).

Aaron Rothermund (PLAYWRIGHT/ACTOR)

Born in Ottawa, Aaron spent his childhood living in Nova Scotia, British Colombia, and Ontario. His passion lies in creating original work, and his first draft of The Spire was submitted in The New Play Festival in May. Aaron is a proud graduate of the Humber Theatre Performance program with honours, and in his final year he received an acting achievement award. Previous to Humber he joined the Buddies in Bad Times, and the Modern Times Stage Company’s youth units. Aaron performed with Curious Carnivore last summer in Back Burner’s Kitchen Collectives. Currently he is working with Clay & Paper Theatre’s Cyclops Squad. They will be performing in Dufferin Grove Park, and out on the street all summer!


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