Afterglow Theatre’s second project was The Pied Piper of Toronto written by Aaron Rothermund. Afterglow Theatre used Robert Browning’s poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin as base material to build a physical vocabulary to clarify the story. We explored stylized movement, choreography, music, and puppetry while telling a contemporary version of the historical folk tale.
In our play Mayor Hanover wakes up to a Toronto without children, and he searches his memory for what has happened. The audience follows the Mayor along the path, and they learn that they are actually the citizens of our fictional Toronto. As the audience walks the path they come across characters that are dealing with the loss of their children. We show how these events shape the individual person, the collective of the city, and how it changed the history of the people of the area.
The Mayor begins to remember an agreement made to rid the town of pests, and a colourful musician that lead the rats to their death. The audience is transported back to the circumstances of that fateful day, and we see the agreement between the two men. The audience then travels with the Piper as he leads the rats away. When the rats are removed and the Mayor doesn’t keep his end of the agreement the audience is transported to a home of three children named Sebastian, Lily, and Max. The audience watches the children at play, and they become familiar with them. The children are led by the Piper, and are taken on a journey from innocent games to fighting amongst themselves, and finally we see them performing cruel acts of violence against one another. They become more and more rodent like, destroy the walls by ripping out the water-pipes, and in a hypnotic dance they are lead away to the hills. Only Max is saved from the imagined doom because he is weak and cannot keep up to his brother and sister.

AARON ROTHERMUND -writer/director-

Ottawa, and spent his childhood living in Nova Scotia, British Colombia, and Ontario. Aaron is a proud graduate of the Humber Theatre Performance program with honours. He has collectively developed theatre pieces with Modern Times Stage Company, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Clay & Paper Theatre, Cryptozoology Playground, Cyclops, Curious Carnivore, Twitches and Itches Theatre, and he is the Artistic Director of Afterglow Theatre.

AIDAN BLACK-ALLEN -mayor hanover-

is a comedian and actor born and raised in Toronto. She is a graduate of Concordia University’s Theatre Performance program and the Second City Conservatory. Aidan is a member of the sketch troupe ‘Over Served!’ and performs improv with ‘Oddzilla’ and the ‘Canadian Improv Showcase’. Aidan has performed in many short films and plays, most recently in ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ at the Toronto Fringe. For further information please check out http://aidan.black-allen.com


trained with mime Adrian Pecknold at The Manitoba Theatre School. She graduated from Mime Unlimited School of Physical Theatre in Toronto, Second City Conservatory and holds a B.A in theatre from the University of Winnipeg. Ardyth has toured with Mime Unlimited, Theatre Beyond Words, Toronto Player’s Theatre, and she performed her one-woman show at FRINGE festivals across Canada. Ardyth gallivants around North America Renaissance fairs with “The Hickadillys” and also teaches various workshops.

ERIC HOPKINS -the stranger/pied piper-

previous production credits include 9 Parts of Desire (Seventh Stage Productions, 2010); Bury the Dead (Banquo’s Banquet Productions, 2009), The Nightwood (Back Burner Productions, 2009); Little War (Back Burner Productions, 2009) and Soulless (505 Productions, 2008).  His own play Gaudrath was produced by Back Burner Productions in 2009, and his novel Drinkwater has been published by Crackjaw Publishing.


studied collective-based theatre creation at York. Alongside fellow alumni he helped write and perform material for 18 Hands Theatre Collective’s “The Famous Remains of Piggy Palace.” Credits include: “Lady Windamere’s Fan” at Alumnae Theatre, Alchemy Theatre’s ”Twelth Night,” Hank Marvin Theatre Company’s “I Will Not Hatch,” and for Banquo’s Banquet’s “Bury the Dead” and “Trudeautopia”.


was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. From the early age of 9, he has performed in plays with Koinonia Musical Productions and the IMPACT Drama Team. He currently resides in Toronto and is a recent graduate of Humber College’s Theatre Performance program. (2010) Timothy is excited to be playing Sebastian in The Pied Piper of Toronto, and is thrilled to be working with such a fun and collaborative group.

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